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This is an exceptional leather clutch purse featuring a wonderful, moulded Art Deco style pattern. It has a spring loaded bar clasp that is made of a gold coloured metal with etchings of leaves and tiny orange, maybe Bakelite beads which give the impression of flowers or berries. It has 2 tiny beads missing.


The clasp is in the centre of the bar. The interior of the purse is lined in black satin with a pocket in either side. On the back of the purse there is a hand strap of plain leather for carrying. The leather is in excellent condition as is the satin lining. This is a fabulous clutch purse featuring unusual and gorgeous leather work. This clutch was in the same trunk as the Mantelet that we featured last week. This time we are going to tell you a bit more about Catherine.

In her younger years Catherine became an ambulance driver and was engaged to a airman who was killed in combat. She never married and moved to America to become the carer of a very wealthy lady, Miss Storrow living in Los Angeles. She also helped raise 2 little girls that Miss Storrow had adopted.


In 1954 Catherine sent a couple of trunks containing her belongings to her brother in Australia with the intention of following them to spend a few months visiting, but she never arrived. She died some years later in England and therefore didn’t get to open the trunks that she sent.


Catherine was a very talented and creative seamstress making most of her clothes by hand. In one of the pockets inside the clutch we found a note with Miss Storrow’s name on it and an address in Pasadena. Perhaps the clutch belonged to Miss Storrow but that is a mystery that will never be solved.

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