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1940s Evening Coat

This evening coat is just gorgeous and still in an amazing condition.

It was made from curtains during WW2 when there was a shortage of materials to make clothes.

Those who could sew had a huge advantage.  Although fabric was rationed, and the available range was limited, competent dressmakers could save themselves many coupons and ‘Making do’ was the order of the day. Tablecloths, curtains and mens clothing cut down and refashioned could be turned into quite respectable clothing. "Make do and mend" also allowed clothing factories and its workers to be used to make items, such as parachutes and uniforms.

It is made from maroon crushed velvet curtaining and is knee length with a swing back and revere collar. It features long, bell shaped, set in sleeves with a wide cuff at the hem and large shoulder pads. It is fully lined in a maroon crepe, has no fastenings and is homemade. It is very heavy to wear but our model does it beautifully. Bella is pictured wearing it at our 1940s parade that was held at Rathmines for the Lake Macquarie History Illuminated Festival in 2021.

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